The Impacts of Brexit on UK Immigration 1

The Impacts of Brexit on UK Immigration

Changes in Immigration Policies

Since the decision by the United Kingdom to leave the European Union, commonly known as Brexit, there have been significant changes in the country’s immigration policies. These changes have had wide-ranging impacts on both British citizens and immigrants alike. In this article, we will explore the key implications of Brexit on UK immigration. Investigate the topic further using this suggested external material. Self-Sponsored Work Visa UK, reveal fresh viewpoints!

The End of Free Movement

One of the most significant changes brought about by Brexit is the end of the free movement of people between the UK and the EU. Before Brexit, citizens of EU member states were able to live and work in the UK without any restrictions. However, with the new immigration policies in place, EU nationals now need to apply for a visa to work and live in the UK. This has created additional barriers and requirements for those wishing to move to the UK.

Impact on EU Nationals in the UK

The changes in immigration policies have had a significant impact on the millions of EU nationals who were already living in the UK at the time of Brexit. To ensure their right to stay, EU citizens have been required to apply for settled status, which grants them the right to live and work in the UK permanently. While the UK government has made efforts to streamline the application process, there have been concerns about the potential for bureaucratic hurdles and delays.

Skills-Based Immigration System

Another key aspect of the new immigration policies is the implementation of a skills-based immigration system. The UK government has prioritized attracting and welcoming highly skilled workers from all over the world. This has resulted in the introduction of the points-based immigration system, where individuals need to meet specific criteria to qualify for a work visa. The focus is on factors such as education, language proficiency, job offer, and salary level.

Challenges Faced by Businesses

The changes in immigration policies have posed significant challenges for businesses, particularly those reliant on low-skilled labor. Sectors such as agriculture, hospitality, and healthcare have expressed concerns about a potential shortage of workers. The stricter immigration rules have made it more difficult for businesses to recruit foreign workers, leading to workforce shortages in certain industries.

Opportunities for Global Talent

While Brexit has presented challenges for some sectors, it has also created opportunities for attracting global talent. With the UK no longer bound by EU regulation, the government has implemented new initiatives to attract highly skilled individuals from around the world. The Global Talent visa, for example, offers a route for scientists, researchers, and innovators to live and work in the UK. This presents the country with the potential to benefit from the expertise of individuals outside of the EU.

Impact on UK Society

The changes in immigration policies have had a profound impact on UK society as a whole. Brexit has brought forth debates on national identity, cultural diversity, and social cohesion. The ending of free movement has sparked conversations about the future of multiculturalism in the UK and the relationship between the country and its European neighbors.

Furthermore, the uncertainty surrounding Brexit has led to some EU nationals leaving the UK, either due to concerns about their residency status or a general feeling of discomfort. This has resulted in the loss of talent and expertise in various sectors, which may have long-term implications for the UK economy.


The impacts of Brexit on UK immigration have been far-reaching. From changes in immigration policies to the end of free movement, the consequences have been significant for both EU citizens and British residents. While the new immigration system aims to attract global talent, it has also presented challenges for businesses and raised complex questions about national identity. As the UK continues to navigate its post-Brexit future, the impact on immigration will remain a topic of ongoing debate and analysis. Dive into the subject matter using this recommended external content.!

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